How is Traffic Fine Inquiry Made From Plate Debt Payment Made

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How is Traffic Fine Inquiry Made From Plate Debt Payment Made – You can make online transactions through the websites of official institutions in order to query traffic fines from the plate and pay the traffic fine debt. You can also go to the institutions and pay in cash. You can find all methods of traffic fine inquiry and payment process in our article.

Traffic Fine Inquiry Methods
In order to query traffic fines, penalty inquiry methods can be made from the EGM website, e-Government and the website of the Revenue Administration. The password required for e-Government is obtained from the box office of PTT branches.

How is Traffic Fine Inquiry Made From Plate Debt Payment Made

How is Traffic Fine Inquiry Made From Plate Debt Payment Made

Traffic Fine Debt Inquiry from the General Directorate of Security (EGM) Website
The steps followed to query the traffic fine on the website of the General Directorate of Security are as follows:

You can access the penalty inquiry page of the EGM website from the internet.
Click on the “Penalty Inquiry Written on the License Plate” (Real Person) heading, which is presented in the first place on the page that opens.
Then click on “Verify my identity now” at the top of the e-Government page.
Login to the system with the TR ID number and e-Government password to the incoming table.
From the page that is accessed, click on the “E-Services” and “Legal Entity Service” tabs, respectively.
From the drop-down list, the title “Penalty Inquiry Written on the License Plate (Real Person)” is selected.
The plate number is written in the new space on the screen and the query is made.
At the end of these steps, the date of the traffic ticket, the reason for the fine, whether there is a debt, and the amount of debt, if any, are displayed.
How to Pay a Declared Traffic Fine?
To pay a declared traffic ticket, go to the Revenue Administration address and click on the “Traffic Fine Inquiry” heading. The “Pay traffic ticket with declaration” tab that appears on the screen is selected, then the payment is confirmed by entering the credit card information.

How to Pay Traffic Fines with Credit Card?
In order to pay traffic fines with a credit card, you must log in via e-Government and enter your credit card information on the “Revenue Administration’s Traffic Fine Debt Inquiry and Payment” page in the “E-services” tab.

How much is the Traffic Fine Advance Payment Discount?
If the accumulated fines due to non-payment of traffic fines are structured and paid in advance, the discount will be 25% of the total fine.

How long is the Traffic Fines Early Payment Period?
The traffic fine early payment period is the first 15 days after the penalty information is notified. It starts from the date the penalty is read to the driver’s face. If this has not happened, the early payment period starts from the date the penalty document is presented to the driver’s address.

If the person pays within 15 days from the date of notification of the traffic ticket, he/she will benefit from the early payment discount. If the radar traffic fine of 288 TL is paid within 15 days, a 25% early payment discount is calculated over this fine and 72 TL less payment is requested. In this context, a reduced penalty of 216 TL is paid.

Where is Traffic Fines Early Payment Made?
Early payments of traffic fines are made via e-Government, GİB web address, contracted banks and PTT branches. All discounts are available.

Who Can Cut the Traffic Fine?
The authority to issue traffic fines is no longer only for the traffic police. Officers in the central organization also have the authority to issue traffic fines. Police officers can write traffic tickets for electronically controllable violations such as not wearing a seat belt, excessive speeding, running a red light through MOBESE.


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